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Portsmouth, NH's Premier Basketball Confidence Training Program

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Our 3 options detailed below:
​- The Confidence Formula™ 
​- The 4-Week Focus™ Series
​- The Monthly Membership

The Confidence Formula™

We help your player build Concrete Confidence.

Other programs may focus on "fluffy" confidence in the abstract, or worse - stunt your player's progress by punishing mistakes and decisions that kill your player's confidence.

​We help your player build their own Concrete Confidence by learning not only What to do, but When, and Why to do it - empowering them to make decisions, understand their mistakes, and take control of their game performance to thrive in any situation!

The 4-Week Focus™

We help your player develop skills that stick.

Other programs rely on "Sweat and Hope" - hoping that some players will achieve results (maybe) through enough volume of activity. If your player didn't improve, they didn't try hard enough!

​We take responsibility for making sure your player develops skills that stick by using a system of curriculum, direct instruction, and precision feedback that sticks with them for the rest of their basketball career!

24-hour group training over 12 weeks with 6 players + additional 12 weekly individual training with Coach BJ, 12 weeks of take-home Injury Prevention Program, and 1-year Confidence Warranty package of weekly video analysis and accountability.


The Monthly Membership

We help players develop "compound interest" in their development.

​Other programs demand high commitment for intense schedule, travel, and effort - and punish players for missing practice.

​We help players develop "compound interest" in their development by providing low commitment, year-round, twice-per-week sessions, and allow players to attend as many as they can to keep progressing!


Tools, Shirts, Socks, Sweats (coming soon!)

Digital Resources

Downloadable checklists, videos, and training for parents and coaches!


Free Online Courses!

Digital content of our regular courses that you can use at home, for FREE!

Normally $125.00