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Is Your Player Out Of Control?

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The Confidence Chronicle/Journey to the method/Is Your Player Out Of Control?

I was once a short baseball player. A late starter to basketball at age 10, I was both undersized and unskilled. By the time I was 12 years old, I loved playing, but was still short (shorter than my 5'4" 14-year-old sister, which bothered me the most!).

When I played basketball in the mixed-age homeschool league I started in, I was one of the youngest and the shortest. I mostly "hot-potatoed" the ball to someone else, or got my shot blocked by the 6'+ guys in their late teens.

I could make wide open, standard layups, but struggled to finish under control against defense, or even attempt to attack the basket for fear of being demolished.

6 years later, I started coaching, and set out to find ways to help the middle school team I was coaching figure out how to develop more options and better control to finish around the rim. The team wasn't very skilled, couldn't score outside the paint, but we did win 1 game (motivated by my favorite bribe of all time - a box of krispy creme donuts!).

Look out for my next few posts where I will explain how I created my method for helping players learn how to finish around the rim with Jedi Master-level control! 

Next up: Layup Maker Story #2 - Focus on what you CAN control 

See you on the court,

Coach BJ

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